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Drone-Based IED Simulator


Product Description

The ExploDrone is a brand-new training platform is the first and only drone-based IED simulator that can deliver inert Improvised Dropped Aerial Munitions (IDAMs™) as well as fire IED Battlefield Effects blast simulators mounted to the frame. IDAMs are available with Explotrain’s patented wireless transmitter technology, enabling training to incorporate any of our Battlefield Effects Blast Simulators.

The ExploDrone patent-pending simulation technology of Battlefield Effects will be available for military and law enforcement by fall 2017. This drone IED will lead the way in advancing new training techniques so desperately needed as ISIS continues to further exploit drone advantages.

The ExploDrone Drone-based IED systems are available in two different classes:

The Viper class: A small, lightweight, and highly versatile drone system which can accurately deliver 1 or 2 IDAMs, can be paired with any of Explotrain’s Battlefield Effects IED Blast Simulators (if desired), easily controlled and monitored – this is the perfect addition for any anti-drone capabilities training arsenal.

The Osprey class: A multi-copter with heavy lifting capabilities, up to 3/4 mile operating distance, mounted IED Battlefield Effects Pneumatic Blast Simulators, automatic leveling and stability integration, dual-purpose IED delivery system (available with or without surveillance package), multiple IDAM release ability for various target acquisition, and infinite refill capability for the on-board IED simulator system.

All of our Drone-based systems will be available with or without a comprehensive training package and/or pilot to meet the individual training needs and requirements of each unit.


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