ExploDrone – Osprey

Large, Drone-Based Inert IED System



The Osprey Class ExploDrone System provides a comprehensive ability to simulate drone based IED attacks using Explotrain’s patented IED simulation technologies.

The larger, Osprey Class ExploDrone system provides the capabilities of dropping multiple Inert Dropped Aerial Munitions (IDAMs™) for various target acquisition  and also carry pneumatic IED simulators with infinite refill capability that provide a realistic explosive effect simulating drone-borne IEDs or chemical weapon dispersal devices.  The IDAMs are a dual-purpose IED delivery system that interface with any of Explotrain’s battlefield effects simulators to create realistic explosive effects on impact.

Osprey class ExploDrones are based off of commercial drone platforms, such as ones we now see as emerging threats. This  drone-based IED system will lead the way in advancing new training techniques so desperately needed as ISIS continues to further exploit drone advantages.


  • Simulated Airborne IED effects with Pneumatic Simulators
  • Drop multiple IDAMs on demand
  • Auto pilot, pre-routed flights
  • Pre-programmed response to simulated C-UAS attacks
  • Up to 3/4 mile Line-of-sight operating distance
  • Automatic leveling and stability integration
  • Available with or without surveillance package


All of our Drone-based systems will be available with or without a comprehensive training package and/or pilot to meet the individual training needs and requirements of each unit.


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