ExploDrone – Viper

Compact, Drone-Based Inert IED System



The ExploDrone™ Viper Class System provides a comprehensive ability to simulate drone based-IED attacks using Explotrain’s patented IED simulation technologies.

Drones shouldn’t just be looked at as only a ‘threat of ordnance dispenser’, but as another means of the enemy’s battlefield multiplier capability. Instead of reacting to a threat and developing TTPs, take a proactive approach to training. By incorporating the ExploDrone into training NOW, it reduces the reactive time to combat an already advancing threat, both in theater, and at home. Explotrain offers a smaller, easily maneuverable drone platform to assist with the new evolution of training.

 A small, lightweight, highly versatile drone system, and more compact Viper Class ExploDrone systems provide the capabilities of accurately dropping multiple Inert Dropped Aerial Munitions (IDAMs™). The IDAMs have the ability to interface with any of Explotrain’s battlefield effects simulators to create realistic explosive effects. The Viper Class ExploDrone system is easily controlled and monitored – the perfect addition for any anti-drone capabilities training arsenal.



  • Simulated Airborne IED effects
  • Drop multiple IDAMs on demand
  • Auto pilot, pre-routed flights
  • Pre-programmed response to simulated C-UAS attacks


All of our Drone-based systems will be available with or without a comprehensive training package and/or pilot to meet the individual training needs and requirements of each unit.


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