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MCASE Active Shooter Exercise Okaloosa County

AS360 staff participated in various capacities at the Mass Casualty Active Shooter Exercise (MCASE) event in Okaloosa County. The exercise included 19 agencies over three days including regional medical centers. Explosive Blast Simulators provided by Explotrain LLC were utilized to simulate realistic secondary device detonations. AS360 CEO Kenneth Worley served as the “shooter.” AS360 COO Ryan Christen acted as the Exercise Director and Chief of Planning. Additional AS360 members served as tactical responders, medics, and HSEEP evaluators.

“We also want to offer special thanks to Explotrain LLC! Todays active shooter training exercise was a great event that helped prepare our community’s responders. A big part of that success is due to the battlefield effects supplied by Explotrain. The added realism put extra stress on the responders and added tremendous value to our evolutions! Critical lessons were learned today that could not have been achieved without Explotrain.”