Safety through Science

Since the development of our training system and Model X-01™ Explosive Blast Simulator in 1999, Explotrain has invented and produced much of the technology used to train troops in the areas of Explosive Ordnance Disposal and IED Defeat.
Explotrain has been revolutionizing the IED Simulator and Battlefield Effects industry for over 15 years. Our products include IED simulators, VBIED simulators, RPG Simulators, Machine Gun Simulators and more.

We have taken the science of IED simulation one step farther with the introduction of two pneumatic IED Simulators, the Model XP-357™ and the Model XP-870™, as a complementary non-pyrotechnic technology to the X-O™ Series of Explosive Blast Simulators.  The science and engineering results in a tuned shockwave effect and loud simulated explosive blast offering unique training capabilities.  The impact of the tuned shockwave also adds a new dimension to training methods allowing you to train your students in a more psychologically effective manner.

In addition, our X-O™ Series of Explosive Blast IED Simulators are also backed by overpressure blast data, blast radius data and decibel information. This data allows you to ensure our devices meet the applicable safety standards for your training environment.