FuzeX System

Wireless System for Monitoring UXO for EOD Training

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Explotrain’s FuzeX™ System is a state-of-the-art combination of instrumented simulated UXO in the form of artillery shells, rockets, mines, etc., replica fuzes, and a wireless monitoring tablet. The tablet is used to program the various safeties associated with the specific fuze inserted into the UXO. Then, the tablet can be used by an instructor to arm/disarm the UXO and monitor the sensor levels as a student performs various operations. If the threshold level of any of the sensors is exceeded, the tablet is alerted and a wireless Fire signal is sent to activate any of a variety of wirelessly connected penalty or monitoring devices. Recordings of the sensor levels are stored for more effective student review and education.

The specific UXO and fuzes associated with a FuzeX™ system are provided on a custom basis.