X-RPG Launcher – Rocket Propelled Grenade Simulator

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The X-RPG™ Launcher uses disposable CO2 cartridges to propel a simulated rocket along a guideline. When fired from the Launcher, the rocket is propelled along the guideline for a distance of 50m or more at speeds of approximately 80mph. The CO2 exhaust produces a realistic simulated smoke effect, and the impact of the rocket can be used to trigger a simulated explosive blast (Blast Simulators and Triggering Devices Sold Separately).

Each X-RPG™ Launcher Simulator includes:

  • 1 complete X-RPG™ Launcher as shown
  • 2  Rockets
  • 10 90 gram CO2 Cartridges
  • 1 100′ Roll of Guideline
  • 1 Hard Carrying Case