X-CAP Transmitter


Proudly used by Raven’s Challenge since 2019.

“The addition of your product line has greatly enhanced our ability to provide “Real Time” penalty notification as well as your product providing a realistic X-ray profile with your cap systems”.

John V. Simpson

The X-CAP™ Blasting Cap Transmitter™ is unlike any other transmitter available in that, the size, diameter and overall aesthetics are virtually indistinguishable from that of a real blasting cap. The length, diameter and overall appearance of the X-CAP adds to the realism that every training scenario needs. With the ability to communicate wirelessly between multiple IFIED training devices and any X-series simulators up to 50m, the X-CAP gives instructors the capabilities to run several iterations at one time. Up to 8 X-CAPs can be used at the same time during the same training cycle, each set to trigger up to 8 simulators. This transmitter can be used in the place of a dummy blasting cap in any functioning circuit, making it the perfect addition to any instructor’s repertoire.


  • 2-1/4″ Length
  • 1/4″ Diameter
  • Operates on 433MHz
  • Up to 50m LOS operation
  • Controls X-O and X-P simulators
  • Identical appearance to commercial blasting caps
  • 8 different channels available

At Explotrain® all of our products and IED Simulators are 100% made in America and they are made combat tough with our full product warranty. We know our freedoms depend on your success and we are available at anytime to provide any assistance we can, so you can keep your ranges operating smoothly.

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Brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Orange, Green

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