X-MIT Transmitter

NSN 6110016897471

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The Explotrain® Model X-MIT™ Multiple Input Transmitter provides a rugged housing and a simple interface for controlling one or two Explotrain Simulators at distances up to 1/4 mile. Simple push-button operation and color coded LEDs provide continuous feedback of each Simulator’s actions and status. The X-MIT™ can also be connected to triggering devices or other sensors and circuitry to wirelessly send Fire and Arming signals, making it ideally suited for scenarios with victim operated devices.

SPECS (view spec sheet):

  • 915 MHz
  • 200m to 400+m Range
  • Controls up to four X-O Units
  • Constantly monitor Units’ Communications and Armed/Disarmed status
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Simple Push-button Operation
  • AA battery power supply

At Explotrain® all of our products are 100% made in the USA and they are made combat tough with our full product warranty. We know our freedoms depend on your success and we are available at anytime to provide any assistance we can, so you can keep your ranges operating smoothly.