X-OMG Large Battlefield Effects Blast Simulator

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The Explotrain® Model X-OMG ™ IED Simulator provides the extreme performance characteristics required to produce the explosive effects needed to effectively train mounted troops in armored vehicles.

At a minimum, the X-OMG delivers a 120dB blast simulation, and can be adjusted to exceed 130dB. The simulator is versatile enough to use for dismounted or mounted troops. It can be placed in the back of a truck to simulate a VBIED, or near a roadway to simulate an IED for convoy and mounted training. Controlled wirelessly or by a victim operated trigger, the X-OMG™ provides the perfect simulation of a large roadside bomb, IED Simulator, or VBIED simulator. The absolute attention-grabbing X-OMG will cultivate the necessary psychological training scars to emphasize safety, discipline, and principles of explosive hazards.

Additionally, every Battlefield Effects simulator has an option for New Equipment Training (NET) to enable the user to maximize training effectiveness.



  • 130+ Decibel Blast
  • 50+ Shots per O2 Cylinder
  • 100+ Shots per Propane Cylinder
  • 25 Cents per Shot
  • Fires up to 20 Shots/Min
  • 45” H X 22” W X 49” L
  • 150 lbs w/ Gas Cylinders

At Explotrain®, all of our products and IED Simulators are 100% made in America and they are made combat tough with our full product warranty. We know our freedoms depend on your success and we are available at anytime to provide any assistance we can so you can keep your ranges operating smoothly.

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