X-ACT Active Control Tablet


Explotrain’s Battlefield Effects Active Control Tablet (X-ACT™) is an Android based application which provides an entire Battlefield Effects-integrated training solution utilizing complete control over the entire scenario. The X-ACT™ ‘s revolutionary technology provides the ability for an Instructor to fire any simulator programmed into the system on-demand, change the settings of each simulator, fully customize any type of firing sequence with multiple simulators, and much more.

The X-ACT™ monitors each simulator and identifies any issues that may arise; a troubleshooting wizard guides the user through a step-by-step diagnostic process. The X-ACT™ immediately changes settings in real-time with adjustable firing rates, delays and feedback reports.


  • Controls and monitors up to 16 simulators
  • Arm, disarm and fire simulators with the touch of a button
  • 400m line-of-sight operation
  • Portable and battery powered
  • Fully customizable aerial photo upload capable
  • Drag & drop simulators on uploaded maps
  • Programmable firing sequences
  • Change settings and parameters on simulators
  • Monitors current and voltage for all components
  • Troubleshooting wizard for help with diagnostics


For More information on what the tablet controls, please visit our Battlefield Effects Simulators page.