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Just A Head’s Up, Big Things In May

We just got back from Bravo-3, and it was amazing. Truly, a great segway into some awesome events we have lined up in May. May 2019 will bring Darley Defense Days, ADS Warrior West, and SOFIC. What are these events? Well, let us break them down for you.

Darley Defense Days 2019

Darley Defense Days at Fort Bragg is going to have 70+ of the greatest vendors showcasing the newest and best technologies for our armed forces and active duty men and women. The event dates are May 7-8.For more information or to register to attend please follow this link: 

ADS Warrior Expo West 2019

ADS Warrior West is a huge event featuring over 300 of the best vendors and creators of the most cutting-edge gear out in 2019. The expo will feature an opportunity to network, training, and product demonstrations. You know this expo is badass when they vet their attendees! ADS Warrior West will be held in San Diego on May 14-15. For more information or to register please follow this link:

SOFIC 2019

An incredible exhibition and conference that is not only going to feature the best companies with the best technologies, but also feature speakers and industry leaders that you’ll be able to engage with and learn from in real time. For more information or to register follow this link:

So, come see us and our newest products and innovations for 2019 at one of these amazing events. Please mention Explotrain, LLC sent you when you register. Mark your calendars, and we’ll see you there!

8th Annual EODWF Crawfish Boil


We had a great time supporting the EOD Warrior Foundation at the 8th Annual EOD Crawfish Boil, hosted near the Schnitzel Lodge in Niceville, Florida.

The EOD Crawfish Boil is an annual event hosted immediately following the EOD Memorial to bring the families, friends and neighbors of the local community together on a very special day of remembrance. It is a time to reflect with fond memories and stories, while enjoying good food, music and company.

If you weren’t able to make it out this year, come out next year for a very special 50th Annual EOD Memorial, 9th annual EOD Crawfish Boil, and show your support to a community that continues to support us with their sacrifices.