Pressure Cooker OEF with Pressure Plate


This Pressure Cooker OEF is Victim-Operated IED with an authentic Afghanistan pressure cooker. Pressure cooker is filled with simulated ammonium nitrate-aluminum Homemade explosives. You can customize the pressure plate for low-metallic signature, or select from one of the many different styles of pressure plates Explotrain has to offer.

In addition to a simple circuit, this device has the option of integrating a specialized complex circuit, capable of being programmed to fire after a certain number of steps on the pressure plate have been taken.

**The WIFI option for this device requires use of the X-WIIFE training APP. This tablet-based application is a wireless interface that allows close monitoring while removing any invasive “hovering” or “looking over the shoulder”. For more information on, or to purchase the X-WIIFE, click HERE.

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