X-ML-8 Small Pressure Release Trigger Device


This is Explotrain’s Inert Russian X-ML-8™ (МЛ-8), a pressure-release, anti−lift firing device. It is used to boobytrap landmines and other objects as small as the PMN-2 landmine. When used as an anti-handling device, the X-ML-8™ is installed under the landmines such as the PMN, PMN-2, PMN-3, PMN-4, MIT-6m, OZM-72 and the anti-vehicle (AV) series of landmines TM-62 or similar. This device utilizes an Explotrain X-Cap Transmitter to interface between an X-Cap Receiver and any of Explotrain’s selection of Blast or Pneumatic Simulators. When the object (greater than 250g) placed on the pressure plate is lifted 6 to 10mm above the X-ML-8™, a fire signal is sent to the Blast Simulator to initiate the charge.

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