X-05 Mid-Sized Battlefield Effects Blast Simulator

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The Explotrain® Model X-05™ IED Simulator provides very realistic and effective explosive battlefield effects to safely train our troops. Despite the loudness of the Model X-05™, it is safe to use near buildings, windows and personnel.

The sound chamber may be fired in a variety of configurations. In addition, the device may also fire while partially buried or submerged. The ability to conceal the unit so completely allows you to train your troops to react to and detect the hidden threats they will face in theater.

The X-05™ offers portable maneuverability without sacrificing sound. At an adjustable 100-125+dB (160dB Peak), this simulator will shake the training foundations to create the psychological training scars necessary for effective retention.

Additionally, every Battlefield Effects simulator has an option for New Equipment Training (NET) to enable the user to maximize training effectiveness.

Available Remote Control options:

  • X-MIT – controls up to four X-O units with a 200m to 400+m range
  • X-LRT – controls up to ten X-O units with an 800+m range
  • X-ACT – Android tablet based application that controls up to sixteen X-O units with a 200m to 400+ range
  • X-CAP Receiver Kit – remotely triggers a single X-O unit using an X-CAP transmitter
  • Hardware Trigger Cable – provides a wired connection to an external triggering device;  e.g. pressure pad, trip wire, etc.

SPECS (view spec sheet):

  • adjustable 100-125+ dB Blast (160dB Peak)
  • 150+ Shots per O2 Cylinder
  • 50+ Shots per Propane Cylinder
  • 10 Cents per Shot
  • Fires up to 60 Shots/Min
  • 35lb-27 inch tall sound chamber for 1-man carry
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • optional 800m wireless remote control
  • AA battery power supply
  • DOD 60559.9-STD and AFMAN 91-201 compliant

At Explotrain®, all of our products and IED Simulators are 100% made in America and they are made combat tough with our full product warranty. We know our freedoms depend on your success, and we are available at anytime to provide any assistance we can, so you can keep your ranges operating smoothly.

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Optional Remote Controls

None, X-MIT, X-LRT, X-ACT, X-CAP Receiver Kit, Hardwire Trigger Cable