XP-360 Small Pneumatic Blast Simulator

XP-360 Pneumatic IED Simulator



The XP-360 ™ is Explotrain’s smallest pneumatic simulator available. The XP-360 is safe to hand-carry, hand-fire, or discharge inside vehicles with personnel. The XP-360  requires no discs, no containers, can be refilled, and fired in seconds. The simulator can be mounted to virtually any surface, hidden under car seats, or in enclosed spaces where pyrotechnics would be unsafe or improbable.

The XP-360 Pneumatic Shockwave Device produces a tuned shockwave and loud blast effect using compressed air or CO2 at 100–150 PSI.
Additionally, the PULSE™ shockwave effect creates a unique tactile impulse or impact to create additional levels of training. The 360’s small size (roughly the same as a 1 liter water bottle) allows it to be concealed almost anywhere: under a workbench in an HME lab, beneath the seat of a vehicle, or even inside simulated IEDs;  such as a pipe bomb, artillery shell housing, or fuel jug.

Additionally, every Battlefield Effects simulator has an option for New Equipment Training (NET) to enable the user to maximize training effectiveness.


  • 3.5″ Diameter
  • 10″ Lenth
  • Pneumatic (Compressed air or CO2)
  • Uses standard Schrader valve attachment
  • Non-Pyrotechnic
  • No burst discs
  • Standard 9-24V DC trigger signal operation
  • Uses X-CAP Transmitters
  • Uses X-MIT and X-LRT Transmitters

At Explotrain® all of our products are 100% made in America and they are made combat tough with our full product warranty. We know our freedoms depend on your success and we are available at anytime to provide any assistance we can, so you can keep your ranges operating smoothly.



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